Positive Drinks Co

Hi, we're Positive Drinks Co

We're here because we believe in offering everyone a better choice.

There are so many reasons you might be choosing to moderate your alcohol but, in the nicest way, we're not that interested. That's our whole positive philosophy: you drink what you want to drink. It's your choice and you don't need a reason.

At least not in our eyes. 

We don't bat an eyelid when someone orders a margarita pizza instead of the meat feast. Same rules apply for ordering a non-alc beer or a low-alc cocktail. If that's what you want, all we care about is making sure you have the best choice in front of you.

We only care that you're drinking something delicious.

That's what brought us here to launch Positive Drinks Co. Piers and Dave are the website pros and JB is the drinks guy. Between the three of us, we want to change the narrative around no and low drinks.

Every product in our store is delicious. We've checked. No more watery beer or alcohol-free spirits that taste like old bath water. These are products that you'll want to reach for time and time again, just because they're so tasty. 

And we know that it's a brave new world, so we're also working hard to showcase producers and production methods too. Guiding you through the different terms and different products, how they're made and how you can drink them. 

From mixed cases of beer to de-alcoholised wines, from low ABV spirits to alcohol free ferments. Whatever you're into or want to try, we've got you. 

Did we mention, we just want you to be drinking something delicious.