Wednesday's Domaine

Wednesdays Domaine is a pioneering non-alcoholic wine brand focused on delivering the same level of sophistication and enjoyment as traditional wines. They use innovative techniques to ensure their products offer rich, complex flavours.

Key Products:

Eclat showcases zip, zing and everything you need to celebrate life's important moments, big or small. A sparkling with the dry crispness you always look for in a glass of fizz

Cuvée's beautiful pink effervescence and crisp acidity lifts any occasion and might just be one of PDC’s favourite ever non-alc drinks. It’s bright, fresh, fruity and absolutely delicious.

Why We Love Them:

Wednesdays Domaine has redefined non-alcoholic wine, offering products that are not only alcohol-free but also rich in flavour and complexity. They’ve approached the task with creativity and the result is delicious wines that stand up to most occasions where you’d enjoy wine.

Recipe and/or Suggested Serve:

Serve in your preferred wine glass!

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