Background on the Brand:

Botivo is a handcrafted, non-alcoholic aperitif that combines a variety of botanicals to create a balanced and complex flavour. Made using a traditional maceration process that means each bottle can take up to a year to make, Botivo is one of the stand out products of the no and low world.

Key Product:

There is only one Botivo (for now!): A rich blend of botanicals including orange peel, gentian root, and anise, offering a bittersweet profile with layers of complexity.

Why We Love Them:

Botivo’s product is delicious. But we love them even more than their product because they share the same ethos as Positive Drinks Co. Their founder Imme said…

"My dream is to look around any table and see ALL my pals drinking Botivo Drinks. Some WITHOUT alcohol and some WITH alcohol, and no-one cares or even knows who is drinking what, because Botivo connects them all because it’s delicious."

Spot on, Imme!

Recipe and/or Suggested Serve:

Serve over ice with soda water and a slice of orange or a sprig of thyme. For a refreshing twist, add a splash of tonic water and a few fresh berries.

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Botivo Alcohol Free Aperitif (VG + GF)
Botivo Alcohol Free Aperitif (VG + GF)