Background on the Brand:

Feragaia is crafted in Scotland and takes inspiration from its wild landscapes. Using 14 botanicals, Feragaia is distilled to create a complex, alcohol-free spirit that captures the essence of land and sea.

Key Products:

Just the one! Feragaia is a blend of land and sea botanicals, delivering an earthy, citrusy, and spicy profile.

Why We Love Them:

We discovered Feragaia on a Scottish road trip and were instantly impressed by the unique flavour profile and delicious, refreshing service. It’s super distinctive and delicious and is one of the punchier non-alc spirit options out there.Β 

Recipe and/or Suggested Serve:

Serve over ice with soda water and a slice of ginger or orange for a refreshing twist.

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Feragaia - Alcohol Free Spirit (VG + GF)
Feragaia - Alcohol Free Spirit (VG + GF)