Tread Softly Everything Except

Brand Background:

We love delicious drinks. We say that a lot. What we also love are drinks that do good for the world. Enter, Tread Softly (treading softly, we imagine).

Tread Softly is a contemporary range of wines, from Australia, seeking to deliver delicious, intensely flavoured wines using more sustainable vineyard management and wine-making techniques to ensure their production has had a minimal impact to the environment. Β Β 

Made by using the high vacuum low-pressure distillation method (we'll walk you through this on the blog soon), this range of zero-alcohol wines are hand-crafted using only high-quality grapes from South Australian vineyards ensuring the wines remain vibrant and full-flavoured.

Tread Softly is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and so commits to planting an Australian Native Tree for every 6 bottles sold. Love it.

Key Products:

Tread Softly Everything Except Sauvignon Blanc

This bottle is a varietal Sauvignon Blanc that displays aromas of passionfruit and tropical fruit and citrus. The palate is clean with a soft acidic finish perfect for pairing with summery foods or enjoying on a warm evening after a long day. You know the vibe.

Tread Softly Everything Except RosΓ©

Same warm-evening vibes but add sunny afternoons as well.Β 

Why We Love Them:

Firstly, they do great for the environment and that's a big tick for us. Secondly, the people there are absolutely charming, and that's a strong vibe. Luckily, the wine is also delicious. So it's kind of a triumvirate of awesomeness (said in an Aussie voice).

Suggested Serve:

Wine glasses, of course!

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