Below Brew

Background on the Brand:

Below Brew Co is dedicated to crafting innovative non-alcoholic beers that deliver on flavour and quality. They focus on using premium ingredients and brewing techniques that ensure their beverages stand out in the growing market of alcohol-free options.

Key Products:

  • Wild Juice Chase: A juicy DDH Pale Ale with Talus and Citra hops, complemented by passionfruit and mango.
  • West Coast Hop Lock: A crisp West Coast IPA with piney and citrus notes.
  • Cosmic Turtle: A hazy IPA featuring tropical fruit flavours like pineapple and guava.
  • Forgot to Take My Pils: A classic pilsner with floral and herbal notes.
  • Check This Stout: A rich stout with dark chocolate, coffee, and vanilla flavours.
  • Brune: A Belgian-style brune with caramel, dried fruit, and spice notes.

Why We Love Them:

Firstly because they’re fellow West Country folks, which we love. But also, Below Brew Co brews some of the very best non-alc beers we’ve tasted. They’re rich, flavoursome and they’re not overly sweet plus the hops characters really shine through. Their range offers something for everyone but the PDC fav is definitely Wild Juice Chase.

Recipe and/or Suggested Serve:

  • They’re beers so, um, put them in a glass and enjoy!

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