Plus & Minus

Brand Background:

Plus & Minus is a contemporary range of Australian wines developed to be richer in antioxidants, minus the alcohol.

These zero alcohol wines have been hand-made without the use of any artificial sweeteners but do see the addition of grape skin extract (GSE) during the winemaking process. This GSE is rich in naturally occurring antioxidants, delivering more of those benefits that can already be found in red wine but without the alcohol.

Basically, it's wine produced with all the craft of wine. None of this dry grape juice nonsense!

Key Products:

Plus & Minus Blanc de Blancs

Blanc de Blancs or Blanc de Noir? Which do you prefer? When we tried this, we immediately veered towards the BdB because, well, this is delicious. It's crisp and elegant, perfect for celebratory moments or just any moment, really.

Plus & Minus Shiraz

A rich and full-bodied non-alcoholic Shiraz. This wine offers a complex and enjoyable experience, making it a great alternative for those who love traditional Shiraz with its spiciness and richness.

Why We Love Them:

Plus & Minus stands out in the non-alcoholic market because their wines offer a sophisticated alternative to traditional wines, catering to those who want to enjoy the taste and experience of wine without the alcohol. Perfect for social gatherings, special occasions, or everyday enjoyment, Plus & Minus wines are versatile and delicious (did we mention we love delicious drinks?)

Suggested Serve:

In a wine glass! Simple simple.

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