Northern Monk

Background on the Brand:

Northern Monk is a UK-based brewery renowned for its innovative and high-quality craft beers. Recently, they have expanded their offerings to include non-alcoholic beverages, like their refreshing Hop Water, appealing to those who seek flavorful alternatives without the alcohol.

Key Product:

Hop Water: A sparkling water infused with a blend of hops, offering a crisp and refreshing drink with hints of citrus and tropical fruits. 

Why We Love Them:

Northern Monk's Hop Water is a testament to their creativity and commitment to quality. This non-alcoholic beverage provides a delightful hop-forward flavour, making it a perfect choice for those who love the taste of hops but want to avoid alcohol. It's a great alternative for social occasions or simply as a refreshing drink any time of the day.

Recipe and/or Suggested Serve:

Straight from the can!

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Northern Monk - Holy Hop Water Mango (VG + GF)
Northern Monk - Holy Hop Water Sabro (VG + GF)
Northern Monk - Holy Hop Water Peach (VG + GF)