Tread Softly Everything Except Non Alcoholic Shiraz Red Wine 2021 0.5%


This lighter bodied Aussie Shiraz from Tread Softly, shows real restraint yet is enormously flavoursome. Nicely rounded with soft tannins and persistent intensity make this a genuine crowd pleaser.

Tread Softly is a contemporary range of wines, from Australia, seeking to deliver delicious, intensely flavoured wines using more sustainable vineyard management and wine-making techniques to ensure their production has had a minimal impact to the environment.   

Made by using the high vacuum low pressure distillation method, this range of zero alcohol wines are hand-crafted using only high-quality grapes from South Australian vineyards ensuring the wines remain vibrant and full-flavoured.

Tread Softly is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and so commits to planting an Australian Native Tree for every 6 bottles sold.