Plus & Minus Non Alcoholic Pinot Grigio White Wine 2022 0.5%


 It’s a Plus + for Antioxidants and a minus - for Alcohol!

Plus & Minus is a contemporary range of Australian wines developed to be richer in antioxidants, minus the alcohol.

Plus & Minus Pinot Grigio is typical of the style, on the nose it’s varietal and has aromas of pear, apple, and citrus with a slight hint of floral characters. The palate is bursting of citrus underpinned by balanced sweetness and acidity.

These zero alcohol wines have been hand-made without the use of any artificial sweeteners but do see the addition of grape skin extract (GSE) during the winemaking process. This GSE is rich in naturally occurring antioxidants, delivering more of those benefits that can already be found in red wine but without the alcohol.

The Plus & Minus range of wines have been uniquely hand-crafted using only high-quality grapes from premium, dry-grown South Australian vineyards. This ensures the resultant wines remain vibrant and full-flavoured once the process of removing the alcohol has been completed.