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Alcohol Free Beer & Cider Taster Combo Box 12 pack

Alcohol Free Beer & Cider Taster Combo Box 12 pack

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Seasoned tasty drink drinker or just keen to try some new yummy beverages? We have put together this super sampler box with something for everyone. A carefully crafted selection of yummy drinks for you AND at a super price. A dozen drinks for £30 doesn't get much more tasty than that.

What's in the box?

1 x Swan Free - Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale
1 x Tempest Brewing - Sleight of Hand Non-Alcoholic Sour Pale Ale
1 x Birmingham Brewing Co - Sober Brummie Alcohol Free Pale Ale
1 x Drop Bear New World Lager 
1 x Crafty Nectar Alcohol Free Cider 
1 x Samuel Smith Brewery Alcohol Free Brown Ale
1 x Drop Bear Alcohol Free Bonfire Stout
1 x Loah Blood Orange Alcohol Free IPA
1 x Holly GoLightly Alcohol Free Cider
1 x Schneider Weisse Alcohol Free German Wheat beer
1 x Mikkeller Weird Weather Alcohol Free Hazy IPA
1 x Lucky Saint Hazy IPA

Super tasty drinks for everyone

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