Office boxes

Keeping you stocked for your Friday bar (or Thursday… or Wednesday…)

Positive Drinks Co office boxes are curated to keep the whole team happy. Whether it’s a summer party, monthly social or weekly casual hangout, we’ve got you covered with plenty of delicious drinks for people who love delicious drinks. 

Looking for something special? We can also build you a bespoke box. Drop us a line and we’ll curate something just for you.

  • We're about offering a better choice. We don’t exist to offer “alternatives” or “mocktails”, we offer great-tasting drinks for whoever wants to drink great-tasting drinks.

  • We'll never ask why someone chooses a no or low option, we only care that when they do, they’re given the best selection possible.

  • We're always inclusive. We welcome anyone and everyone to the table to share great drinks amongst great people.